C Program to Print Hello World

This is the first C program tutorial, so in this programming tutorial of C language, first of all, we will learn through a basic C program which will print a Hello World after execution in the C language's compiler. This is a very basic C program for beginners who want to start their C programming from a Zero level. So here we go :

//a sample comment for HELLO WORLD program in C language.
#include <stdio.h>  
 int main() 
 printf("Hello world.");
 return 0;

Output : 
The output of above given C language code would be as following when it will be compiled and run in any of the C language compiler.

Hello world.

As you can see this is a single line single statement C program, and it is the simplest program in whole C language, which one can make, compile and run. We will see some of the complex and difficult C programs in next C language programming tutorials.


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