Setting Up Java Development Kit

JAVA is a programming language whose source codes can be written in any platform or operating system, and can be executed in any of the computer or platform, this feature of JAVA makes it a platform independent programming language. But the thing which work behind is the JAVA DEVELOPMENT KIT, which makes JAVA a platform independent programming language. This JAVA development kit is used by JAVA developers which comes preloaded with many developing tools to compile and run Java programs. The Java Development Kit include Java DEBUGGER, JavaDoc (for creating HTML documents), javah, javap (Java Disassembler), java (Java Interpreter) and JAVAC which is the compiler of JAVA. 

In this tutorial we are providing you a step by step guide on how to install and setup Java Development Kit in your computer system.

1. To install JDK (Java Development Kit) goto Oracles website and click on download option of the JAVA SE (Standard Edition) by visiting this LINK.
2. When you click on download Java (JDK SE), it will send you a new page to choose your platform or operating system on which you want to instal JDK as shown in below image. If you are a Windows  user then select Windows or if you a Linux user then choose Linux file to download.

3.  After downloading the Java Development Kit, install it in your system as you install any usual exe file.

4.So, now you if you have successfully installed Java Development Kit in your computer system, after that you have to configure the JAVA. Without configuring Java, it would not be possible for you to compile and run Java programs in your computer system.

So to learn on how to configure the Java Development Kit in your machine, click here to configure java development kit and set up class variables.


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